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Desert Sands & Movie Magic

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Dubai and the UAE have established themselves as prime filming destination's for local, regional and international productions. From beautiful landscapes to modern architecture, the backdrop this region has to offer is unlike any other in the world. Memorizing beauty both inside and out its no mystery why Dubai has become a media Mecca to film and an ever growing metropolis for creatives to come and whip up their cinematic magic.

Dubai is no stranger to filmmaking, with over 6,000 productions completed since 2005. From blockbuster feature films Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol and Syriana, to TV series such as Amazing Race and Heber Al Eyoon, and to award-winning commercials and corporate videos like the ones that we at Atum, a leading Dubai Production Company produce.

With its limitless locations, deep production talent pool, state-of-the-art soundstages, a supportive government and a knowledgeable film and TV commission, Dubai is a can’t miss filming destination which is evolving by the day, not even Google Maps can keep up with the ever-changing streets and monuments.

Dubai has consistently been an important production base for local and international filmmakers alike. Notable successes include: Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol (film, United States), City of Life (film, United Arab Emirates), Syriana (film, United States), Switch (film, China), Do KNot Disturb (film, India), Main Aur Mrs. Khanna (film, India), Casanova (film, India), Amazing Race (TV reality show, United States), X Factor (TV reality show, United Kingdom), Hebr Al Eyoon (TV drama, United Arab Emirates). 

While Dubai and the UAE have made great strides in the mega media industry with big names filming here, it's still a young industry with lots to learn and in definite need of more knowledgable professionals voicing their opinions, creating initiatives, giving workshops, providing social media tips, and really creating a true grass roots movement. While its easy for the big boys to come in and play its the little guy, the startup, its those guys that will really create homegrown heroes which is what the region needs if its going to be more than a backdrop but a powerhouse for creativity.

Heres to many more creative productions being shot in the region and to local names becoming globally recognized.

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