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Film School 101

(1 minute read)

Film School isn't for everyone but it's definitely for some. There are a lot of advantages of joining a film school such as building your network within the industry, connecting with a likeminded peer-group, accelerating your overall knowledge of both the history and about the future of film, and even runnning your own film production company - the list goes on. All of us at Atum have attended Film Production studies which have birthed us into the video and content creators we are today. We continue to thrive in this space because of our thirst for knowledge and continuing studies to keep us at the forefront of the advertising and television industry. Whether you're a seasoned filmmaker or just picked up a camera,  our friends over at Shutterstock have put together an awesome 101 lesson of what to expect when joining a film school which you can find here.

Happy Learning Future Filmmakers!