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As the famous Seth Godin says: Be the Purple Cow.

So whats that mean exactly? Imagine driving down a road where every home was painted white and there was just one painted hot pink. Which house would capture the most attention on the block? It goes without saying that the homeowners at the pink house wanted to grab some of your eyeball time. So why is this important in business? As entrepreneurs, it's your job to not only provide value but also sell that value to your customers. If you don't stand out how will others find you amongst the rest? Remember your company is your world and you're free to create that world anyway you like.

Here are a few tips to help you stand out.

  1. Find your niche and then find the customer base that's within your target market.  Example: Atum's niche is large Brands and Government clients who look for high-endvideo production services. We not only produce content, but teach our clients how to market that content effectively to reach their ROI. 
  2. Focus on your unique value prop, your customers need to know what makes you different. Example: Atum's Film Production caters to Brands and Government Videos that want that fun, creative, and professional flair that millennials crave. 
  3. Express with Color, get creative and A-B test your marketing collateral's design. Example: We will repurpose existing campaign content and recreate it for our clients to WOW them and close future deals. 
  4. Take your craft seriously and relay how serious you are about what you do. 
  5. Find your why, this will help you stand out and differentiate yourself from others
  6. Listen to your customers, a lot of your competitors overlook this crucial point. Example: Ask your clients for feedback. Whether it be existing content you've created or a pitch you lost, ask them why. 
  7. Get passionate, it resonates
  8. Find things that are "just not done" in your industry, and then go ahead and do them.
  9. Differentiate your customers. Find the group that's most profitable. Find the group that's most likely to influence other customers. Figure out how to develop for, advertise to, or reward either group. Ignore the rest. Cater to the customers you would choose if you could choose your customers.
  10. Explore the limits. If there's a limit, you should (must) test it. Whether thats the cheapest, best, fastest, most secure, whatever it is take it to the max.